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April 20 & 23-The Great Falls Plein Air Painter's Society-Paterson Museum

Anna Martinez and John Park at your service!
We are two fellow artists embarking an amazing mission: to advocate the Arts in Paterson and surrounding areas, supporting the artists and serving our beloved community!

April 28-Meet & Greet-Paterson Museum

Join us at the Paterson Museum in the Hannah Gallery on Sunday, April, 28th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.


Silk City Arts would like all the artists to bring ONE master piece that would represent them the most!  We will be exhibiting on location!

Bring a drawing, painting, sculpture, computer illustration, graphic design, photography, a film clip, a music video... which can be showcased during the Meet & Greet !  AND/OR...  Send us 1-3 artworks through E-mail to add onto our ongoing Video Art Gallery Show!  Please, send your 1-3 artworks with your name, sizes and titles @ annamartinezart@gmail.com